Hot, Tempting & Sensual

Did You Know?!


Did you know?!

Body to Cuerpo carries products that can be worn for a night out on the town or for a sexy night inside. Some of the pieces in our collection will have you wondering whether it is a bodysuit or lingerie. Our collection challenges you to be comfortable with being sexy, whether it's indoors or out.

Cover the Nips with Nippits

Did you know?!

Wearing a bra can sometimes be a woman's worst nightmare. With Nippits you can wear your favorite bodysuit, lingerie, or top bra-less without your nipples poking through.

Purchases over $100 gets a FREE pack of Nippits! (reg. $9.99)

Body to Cuerpo

Did you know?!

Body to Cuerpo translates to body to body. It is supposed to signify that we cater to all body sizes. Our owner has made it her duty to find sexy apparel for every woman, because everyone deserves to feel sexy in their body. While each body is different, she understands that not all sizes may fit perfectly so she offers discounted tailoring services as well.

We Are Roses

We compare our bodies to roses because each rose is unique, like our bodies. All roses start the same, as seeds, but through time develop their own sense of beauty and individuality.